John Williams interviewed by Andre Previn, 1988

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Jaws (1975) is a thriller, not a horror film.

Horror, thriller, whatever.

The point is that just because JW wrote the score for Jaws doesn't mean it's a score so timeless that it could be presented in any era and sound totally fresh. That's just not the case, and especially with Jaws, because the main theme has been heard and overused so much that it basically became a cliche over the years.

Some of the best music ever written has a very clear and inescapable date stamp on it, and there's nothing wrong with that. It just is what it is.

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Well... I have to agree.

Styles do fade, and evolve, but rarely disappear. Billions may not love Bach, but millions do. Jaws is worn on you guys, not me. There's truth to both. Good writing always has a place, but style likely dictates how many people are in the same place to hear/view it.


Mike Fox

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I mean I could actually see the ostinato functioning well in a Conjuring type film but that's me
I just went back and listened to the Jaws theme. I think the ostinatos might actually work if they were in a different context, but the environment they currently reside in strips away any kind of potential for that.

I would actually love for Bishara to make his own version of Jaws. I bet he could definitely make it fit in the Conjuring! :laugh:


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Great interview..

I keep getting struck when I watch interviews or just TV from the 80s that people seem way nicer, more gentle, and more intelligent then.. like, they expected a lot more from the audience or something..