Jeremy Soule's career is over, friends. A shame


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Why do I think Jeremy Soule's career is over? He doesnt work on Elder Scrolls 6 , deleted all his social media accounts due to false rape allegation, hasn't released music in over 2 years. It's a shame, really. He should've simply created more music. I can't think of any other composer aside from the Witcher game composers that can make that ambient, magical fantasy music.


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Do we know the allegations were definitely false? I thought they were still under investigation.

I tried to find out more earlier but couldn't really see any updates to the situation.


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He released this just before Christmas. So maybe he's still working on the symphony at least.

Wait, really? I.. didn't know? I guess that's cool, hopefully he releases some more music, as he's extremely slow when it comes to releasing new music.


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Today's news that Amber Heard admits to actually being the abuser in her relationship with Depp - with evidence supplied in the form of audio recordings and medical records - just goes to show that accusations can cause so much damage and may not even be true!

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And testimony from the accuser alone isn't evidence, no more so than the rebuttal from the accused.
That's what he said she said is. An accusation alone can and has destroyed careers. Giving a certain degree of benefit of the doubt I think is acceptable. But outright believing an accusation without tangible evidence is the moronic thing here friend.
To clarify, I’m not saying we should outright believe anything. I’m saying the general public seems to be more concerned with a potential offender’s career than with a potential survivor’s suffering. Testimony is evidence in terms of the jury hearing it and deciding and mental health experts analysing both the accuser’s and the accused’s testimony, evaluating it based on patterns that are empirically significant in situations like these.

The general public has no way of knowing who’s right. Yet, people think they can decide whether something is a false accusation or not, based on their personal feelings. I’m not calling siding with the accused moronic—I’m calling siding with anyone moronic, on either side, if we don’t have all the information we need. A court (and, depending on location, a jury) will decide that. Sensationalist news and overzealous members of the general public on both sides are doing everyone involved a disservice by picking sides.

On a related note, the often bemoaned “Believe Women” movement does not call for outright believing (and acting on) an accusation, either. It’s not an attack on the justice system or in dubio pro reo. It’s about emotional support for a potential survivor, separate from any sort of behaviour towards the accused—because finding out you told a liar they’ll be fine sucks, but finding out you doubted a person who went through that horrible experience might suck a lot more.


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Why do I think Jeremy Soule's career is over? He doesnt work on Elder Scrolls 6
Maybe he was working on something else when they asked him or he just didn't want to do another couple of years straight of the same-old-same-old? Also Bethesda has made many terrible decisions recently, who knows what a nightmare working for them might be.

deleted all his social media accounts
Who needs social media anyway? You can have a perfectly working career without it and without telling the world about what you're doing. For all we know he might be doing smaller scale gigs under pseudonym or just writing music for himself and enjoying some time off. I certainly hope he doesn't stop writing, I enjoyed his work a great deal.

due to false rape allegation,
What specific fact other than "I like his music and don't want this to be true" lets you come to that conclusion? E.g. what specific past public appearance of the accuser gave you the impression that she's the kind of person to ruin someone's life just because she can? Or do you just believe all women are liars on principle? Surely it can't be that, right? So please point to the specific thing that lead to your firm belief in his innocence.

I have occasionally checked the twitter feed of the accuser over the past months and I see no indication that she made any personal gain from that (quite the contrary) or even intended to. She didn't once call for people to do anything bad to Jeremy. She over and over stressed that she wants systemic change, to avoid things getting this messed up for others in the first place, and rehabilitation for those that need help. She specifically asked men to hold other men accountable early enough so that they don't end up "doing something they can't come back from". Her statements are always full of reason and compassion and I really haven't seen the slightest hint towards her acting maliciously.

He seems to have had his lawyers made a rather tame attempt at silencing the accuser but I suspect he's just waiting for it to blow over. And it'll probably work too I think.

On the other hand his accusser has to endure stuff like youtube videos with a photo of her face, the word "liar" printed on it, the dragonborn theme playing, and sounds of a sobbing woman as if she's being raped mixed over it... and youtube won't even take it down apparently...
Have you read any of the comments under youtube videos about the story? There's no shortage of "support" for Jeremy.

I think realistically, if she kills herself (like she's talking about right now), the story dies with her, and just a couple years later no one will bat an eye seeing his work all over the games industry again.

hasn't released music in over 2 years.
What about the stuff he's credited for on imdb, is that just for re-using existing music?

It's a shame, really. He should've simply created more music.
Maybe that's exactly what he couldn't do? After reaching that success that he's seen with Skyrim, don't you think it's quite a daunting task for any composer to follow that up with anything? I could perfectly understand if he doesn't ever want to go near that genre, if he felt like he has peaked and would rather retire from that genre at the height of his career rather than grind away till he's burnt out and you can hear it in the music as well. I have a lot of sympathy for such thoughts.

Ironically his accuser once criticized people for their "Shut up and make more art" attitude towards artists...

I can't think of any other composer aside from the Witcher game composers that can make that ambient, magical fantasy music.
Not quite the same but you might find something you like here:



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False allegations are exceedingly rare. Testimony is evidence. Nobody expects you to demonise the guy or hunt him with a crossbow, but crying "FALSE ALLEGATIONS THAT POOR GUY WON'T ANYBODY THINK OF HIS CAREER" is just moronic.
Looks like we overall have the same mindset towards attitudes regarding accusations, but I'd like to comment of the statement about the rarity of false allegations.

A often cited review of a bunch of studies about the subject (cited even by feminists and anti-rape organizations) shows 2-10%.
That means the maximum is 10%! And that's only for the ones that have been PROVEN to be false. The majority of cases is unclassified unfortunately. So a unknown number of those may also be false. Even the proven maximum 10% is quite a lot IMO. Every tenth case... I would't say that's exceedingly rare. The minimum of 2% could be called "rare" perhaps. But not "exceedingly". And that's never ever the true number, because as said - there are tons of cases that didn't go either way upon investigation so it may be a fairly large or fairly low amount.

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This is ultimately something that no one here can do anything but speculate about, so I don't see much point in any ongoing discussion about it, beyond whatever useful changes in video game land can be encouraged as a result.


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False allegations are exceedingly rare. Testimony is evidence. Nobody expects you to demonise the guy or hunt him with a crossbow, but crying "FALSE ALLEGATIONS THAT POOR GUY WON'T ANYBODY THINK OF HIS CAREER" is just moronic.
thanks for saying it!!! Sure it can happen that things take a bit a life of their own and in some cases that might be a real problem, absolutely!... but let's be real ,how many men have had their career/life ruined versus women victim of rape? it's already hard enough for victims of rape to get it out so it's hard to read such contemptuous blindness in this comment and not feel a bit jolted!
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Yeh, not keen on the songs he's released at all. While his instrumental music generally has depth and substance, the songs sound to me like they belong in a Disney kid's film.
Lol, disney's film, haha. I agree with you. I need those Distant Horizons type tracks, those magical instrumental pieces from him. Jata or Njol are good pieces too.


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people just need to not bring up any politicised statistic.

1.) no one rarely LOOKs at the studies/papers/statistics cited.

2.) criteria is always different

3.) different sides to the discussion maximize anything that makes their point and minimize what hurts their points credibility.

I will state(especially now having cursory some experience in law enforcement) that people lie.... A LOT.

it's actually caused me to treat people as if they are lying to me and I find myself interrogating people subconsciously over minor details outside of my job. I've always been a skeptical person, but if there is any particular type of incident people OFTEN lie about, its domestic issues and overdoses.

One stat brought up about the frequency of false allegations vs actual convictions

the issue is, nobody wants to go to court to counter for false allegations. No lawyer wants to persecute and there is 0 money in it.

The issue with convictions is that it requires beyond a reasonable doubt. Most of the violent rapes can be proven, but most of the relationship involved rape allegations are not only often impossible to prove(how many witness another couple have sex let alone rape) but are also in a position where motive and spite come into play. People with relationship issues(especially with divorce or money are involved) also frequently harass each other with law enforcement and try to get LEO or public safety professionals to give them "little nuggets" they can use in the court room as ammunition against each other.

And when these things go to court, every report that's been made, every 911 recording, every text/facebook message that they can use against each other to will be used, and in a toxic relationship, neither one ends up seeming credible - and when "he says she says" is all you have a case usually isn't going to result in sending somebody to send somebody to prison.

if you DO, that person is going to spend the next 5-10 years trying to find the evidence to prove their innocence so they can sue the people who locked them up for many 0's on a check.