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bring your bike
By all means, bring your bike if you want to die. I'm all for saving money but biking in Los Angeles solo seems that it would, in many areas, markedly shorten life expectancy.

Actually though I realise money is a factor, nothing is as important as time. If you think that, artistically, working with Tom is the direction for you, I would ignore all practicalities and find a way to make it happen.


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Hmm I ride my bike almost every day. Perhaps I should buy more life insurance?

Anyways, you can find a room to rent in the valley for a reasonable price. That's what I did when I first moved to L.A. Living in Los Angeles doesn't have to be obscenely expensive. I used to survive on $1500 a month and I wasn't starving OR living in a dump.

If you're serious about moving here take some time and exercise due diligence in researching costs of living. Feel free to reach out to me and pick my brain as well. I won't fill you with B.S. - it seems there's a lot of it around here so beware.

Love you guys! :)

Wally Garten

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lol -- I live near PCH and it's crazy how close drivers pass bikes there.
Yeah -- no sane person would bike on the PCH. But I biked from West LA/Mar Vista to UCLA for three years, and it was pretty safe. (I did avoid main arteries, riding through small residential neighborhoods instead.) And some parts of the city, like the Valley and Culver City, have long protected bike paths. I think it really depends on what part of the city you're in.


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west LA along SM Boulevard - i.e. Santa Monica, Sawtelle, Midcity, WeHo - is pretty bikable. It's also one of the more expensive places to live though.
And I remember a story not too long ago about a person being killed in a hit and run while walking home from their 30th B-day party on Santa Monica not far from McCabe’s which seems like a not too crazy area driving-wise.

John is right. Let me walk this back. I didn’t mean to imply that riding your bike around LA is a great idea. It’s not unless you ride down Sunset as part of a huge group ride or on a bike path. People do it but if you are coming from an EU town or city then you are in for a rude awakening. Driving is hard enough and feels like babysitting the dumbest kids alive. Biking on major routes can be taking your life in your hands in certain areas.

What I meant was that you could use the bike in between the metro stop(s) instead of walking (if there is a stretch that is say, a couple miles). If there is a sidewalk then use it. Stay in residential areas if possible. If you are basically gojng to two places most of the time (home to eat and sleep and work/school) and can swing not having to pay for a car, gas, insurance, registration, etc. then it’s a big expense out of the way.
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