IZotope RX 8 - Absolute Magic! | Review and Special Offer

Mike Enjo

Hi folks! Recently I’ve been trying out the new RX 8 from iZotope, and I wanted to give you my thoughts.

First off, I must admit I’ve never used RX before, and so was kicking myself for having wasted so much time in the past painstakingly repairing audio, when this has so many ‘one click’ fixes.

Take for example De-plosive. Sure, I have a few de-essers, but usually had to either re-record or try to do some surgical dynamic EQ for plosives. So, I reached for De-plosive and BAM, it fixed it with default settings!

The same for De-bleed, Mouth De-click, Guitar De-noise and a number of others.

Here and there with other features, they were not perfect, but amazing considering the complexity of the task.

Features like Music Rebalance, which enables ‘remixing’ of elements such as vocals, bass, and drums from just a stereo file – had the geek in me excited (even though results were not ‘perfect’). By the way, this feature can be used to extract elements. So you can for example create an acapella vocal from an mp3. In most cases, using it may well be illegal – SO DON’T! However, my inner nerd was aroused!

So, what about price? There is a $99 version (Elements), which has a few handy features, but I suspect most would want the ‘Standard’ version at $299.

There is also the flagship ‘Advanced’ version at $999. Not cheap for most of us, but it you are using it professionally, it will pay you back. There are also many useful spoken work features if that’s your thing.

At the time of writing, Plugin Boutique are throwing in iZotope Trash 2, and UJAM Carbon with any of these versions.

You can check out my tests here:


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I need this but funds are getting low. My loyalty discount is $199 until 1st of October but they offer some significant sales at times so I may wait it out. Would really love the Advanced version but can't justify the $. Great program though!