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iZotope has announced the release of a new version of Nectar Elements which brings a complete refresh to the highly affordable vocal plug-in. Now incorporating the new Vocal Assistant, Nectar Elements analyses and adapts to your vocal sound, taking the guesswork out of placing your vocal in the mix and letting you make your vocals stand out in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, Nectar Elements give you everything you need for pro vocals in seconds with six under-the-hood audio processors and intuitive controls. The plug-in intelligently combines iZotope's latest DSP for compression, de-essing, tonal and subtractive EQ, pitch correction, and reverb into one easy-to-understand interface.

Select between three distinct Vibe modes (Modern, Vintage, or Dialogue) to tell Nectar Elements what kind of sound you’re going for. Get an aggressive lead vocal that cuts through a rock mix, warm background vocals for a jazz arrangement, or beautiful dialogue for podcast.

To coincide with the release of Nectar Elements, iZotope has also now added it to the Elements Suite which, with Ozone Elements, Neutron Elements and RX Elements, delivers a highly useful combination of award winning plug-ins for mixing, mastering and repair.

Until 31st July, there's some great value offers on both Nectar Elements and the Elements Suite, particularly for existing iZotope product users, with prices starting from just £43!

To view Nectar Elements visit: https://www.timespace.com/products/izotope-nectar-elements-1

To view the Elements Suite visit: https://www.timespace.com/products/izotope-elements-suite
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