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IZotope physical mail?


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Was going through my home junk mail for december and found a “Holiday 2018” pamphlet from iZotope. Anyone else get this? Physical mail for a plugin company? Just seems strange to me.

Perhaps older people like me check their physical mail, but I can’t imagine many under 40 doing anything but throwing it all out. Strangest way for a software company to waste money. But perhaps they feel there is some part of the market they are missing? Software users that are NOT online? Strange. ;)

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Lots of people and businesses still send out letters and cards at Christmas. Being a plugin company, I doubt it was a smart investment cost-wise, but going old-school never seems to lose its charm.


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Didn't get it , but it would be somewhat refreshing to get catalogs or pamphlets like that every now and then. I get tired of looking at a screen for everything nowadays.


It does actually make it much, much more likely to be looked at than an email blast. I get 100 emails a week from companies about stuff and never look at them, but when i get catalogues (didn't get this one) I do generally at least look at them quickly.... and then go online for more information!


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I got mail from Orchestral Tools a long time ago. It was a really nice looking pamphlet or whatever it was, it's hard to remember at this point. It didn't convince me to buy anything, but I stopped and looked at it for a lot longer than I would have looked at a marketing e-mail.
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