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Ivy Piano in 162, in Plogue Sforzando - bad idea? Plus round robins issues

Anyone who knows if there’s a way to load both Ivy Piano SFZ files (close and ambient) into Plogue? Only solution I can come up with is having two instances of Plogue and route the same MIDI signals to both. Problem is, I believe due to round robins, there will be different samples on the same note here and there. It sounds inconsistent sometimes.

Another way would be to disable round robins, if possible?


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Garritan Aria Player was developed by Plogue and is essentially Sforzando plus multis (up to 16 instruments) and a mixer. It's available for free (even if you don't own any Garritan products) here:

Put "Aria Player" in the "Name" field and click "Search". In use, don't forget to set both instrument slots to the same MIDI channel.

But you're right about the round robins. See

specifically this: "... in ARIA, a separate random number is generated for each region which is playing, which means lorand/hirand probably should not be used with samples which have multiple mic positions. Using it can result in triggering spot, overhead and room mics which do not match, and that can result in phasing issues etc."

One way to disable round robins is to edit them out of the .sfz files. So far I haven't thought of an alternative. This strikes me as a significant issue in the SFZ specification. If @DSmolken sees this thread, he might have some ideas.

If you have the full version of Kontakt, Piano In 162 is also available in that format.
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Thank you very much! I’ll certainly try the Garritan aria player. And also see what I can do about the round robins. Maybe even go for the full version of Kontakt. That would solve the round Robin issues, right?
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