I've rewritten my first symphonic piece


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4 Years ago I wrote my first "symphonic" piece, which really was not that symphonic because of reasons. But I always wanted to do something with its main theme (which is the opening theme here) so I took it and tried to improve it with my new "knowledge".
At that time I was discovering symphonic music listening mainly to Tchaikovsky, so I tried to keep his style as much as I could. Also it was a good way to try to improve my overall structure, which is a thing that I am still battleing with.
Hope you enjoy it:


Paul T McGraw

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You didn't specify if you wanted feedback or just an audience. But I will take the chance on providing some feedback in case you wanted reaction.

My favorite composers are the late-romantic era giants including Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Strauss, Mahler and Bruckner. So I commend your effort to emulate Tchaikovsky. Your samples and midi performance sound good. Not perfect, but very good most of the time in my opinion. What are you using?

This piece is so long that it is difficult to offer much useful feedback regarding the composition. There are glorious moments that reflect very well upon the late-romantic aesthetic. Your orchestration is consistently very good, with a nice variety of textures. Orchestration is the strongest element of this piece in my opinion.

I wish that you had focused on just one emotion, or perhaps just a handful. It is horribly difficult to bring off a kaleidoscope of ideas, feelings and emotions in a single piece. Mahler is the only composer I can think of that could consistently pull it off.

Loved the ending. You have a lot of talent. I hope to hear more of your work soon.


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@Paul T McGraw Thanks Paul, surely wanted feedback, but I kind of discovered the problems myself now. Sometimes you get too excited and I feel quiet ashamed of posting too soon...
I had tchaikovsky 5 in my mind as a model, he had 3 themes, too. Maybe you shouldn't do that as a amateur symphonist:D
But I guess I'm slowely learning how this works, although I still can't manage it myself due to my lack of training.
You can follow me on soundcloud if you want, I always try to compose way shorter and easier pieces just to improve structure and the my understanding of the listener.