Is this a good course? Experiences with Thinkspace Education?


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Hello folks,

I currently have a difficult creative situation and just thought why not buying this new course by Thinkspace Education:

It is only 25 € at the moment, but money is money and I just wanted to ask you if you think Thinkspace Education is good resource for this matter?



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I haven't really taken any of their classes yet, but they have a really good reputation from what I've heard.


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IMHO thinkspace courses are excellent value for money. practical advice presented well.

I've completed a number of their courses and have only positive things to report.


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Thank you all for your responses! I will give it a go then!
Their Youtube Channel also looks interesting.
I think the last course I did with them was Music for the Media... Very good course, loads of relevant content.

good luck,



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I bought it and watched a bit of it. Guy is very enjoyable, as expected. It seems pretty good for the price, but I probably wouldn't want to pay more than $25 for it.


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I haven't taken any of their classes, but the YouTube channel is a goldmine. Guy Michelmore (Avengers animated shows, etc.) knows a shit ton and shares it.