Is there a portable controller the ISN'T Micro USB?


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I'm so tired of buying protable controllers (that I can throw in my backpack) and having the micro USB fail. I just had a iRig 37 break for the second time. It's always the Micro USB port. SO frustrating. Does anyone know if there is a portable controller that uses a regular USB?
Korg microkey are usb, and there are Bluetooth versions, but don't know how reliable they are. I got myself an Icon Pro Audio 25 keys board with audio and xlr interface, transport controls, including a touch fader. Very pleased with it... But not as mobile as I'd hoped for, but it was so cheap I couldn't pass it up.


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I have an Akai MPK Mini Mk2 which has the USB B connector.
I also had an older Mk1 version which had a smaller USB Mini which, you guessed it, failed on me. :(

The Mk2's USB B looks more substantial though, so I'm hoping for better things.

The Mk2 also has a sustain pedal input, but the weird joystick instead of pitch/mod wheels will be a deal-breaker for many. It's better than nothing, but there's very little movement in the joystick so it's hard to be subtle. If you want to vary an input from 90 to 100 then forget it. But 0 to 127 is possible.

And the keyboard has smaller-sized keys of course. But it is compact.
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