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Is Kontakted library creator against the terms and services of NI or others?

Paul Jelfs

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Stumbled upon a video of a musician discussing this product Kontakted, linked below -

Kontakted Library Creator (£20)

Basically, if you install 5.6 of Kontakt, and Keep your Kontakt 6 as it is, you can add non Player libraries through 5.6 and they will show up on Kontakt 6 etc.

I love this idea in theory as some of my favourite libraries are non player supported- And even though I have them on Quickload, its often out of site , out of mind.

However, I do not want to risk going against the terms of Native Instruments, if this is a big NO NO.

There are quite a few videos out there and no one says anything about it being not allowed by N.I. However, someone on here is bound to know for sure , and if it is ok , what has their experiences been like with Kontakted.


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There was a questionnaire by NI a couple months ago where the questions implied the whole libraries/quick load thing is going to be changed


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There are quite a few videos out there and no one says anything about it being not allowed by N.I.

To have one's library included in the Kontakt libraries tab is one of the perks of licensing a library with Native instruments for the Player version. All other non-player libraries must use the files tab or quickload feature. To make a non-player library show up in the libraries tab requires tampering with the software, which is a violation of the EULA.

I don't ever advocate violating a EULA, but I tend to look at EULA situations from a practical point of view. EULAs are designed mainly to deter library abuse on a grand scale, specifically pirating. In other words, they don't want you cracking the software and reselling it.

If you are a single user using a legally-purchased copy of Kontakt and legally-purchased non-player libraries, whatever you do to make your libraries more convenient to load in your DAW is your business. Tampering would technically violate a EULA, void technical support, and terminate the privilege to resell your license, but at the end of the day, all you're doing is building a better mousetrap for personal use.

If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with Kontak's quickload feature, try it before you do anything else. It's a really handy way to custom organize all of your Kontakt libraries. I use it all the time. The library tab is pretty, but compared to quickload, it's really kind of a redundant feature.
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