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Is it possible to delete Cinematic Studio Series mic positions?


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Hello! New to this forum after lurking around for a while without an account. I've found lots of useful information here so thank you all!

Now to my question, i recently bought the whole Cinematic Studio series (strings, brass and woodwinds) and i'm loving it, however I installed them in my internal hard drive because its an SSD. After some playing around and writing a mockup I came to the conclusion that i dont reeaaaaally need the Room microphone since i add my own convolution reverb so i was wondering if its possible to delete the files for that specific sample in order to free some space? Thanks in advance!
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If the samples were in separate NCW format, you could theoretically delete them, though Kontakt would complain about missing samples.

As mentioned before, the samples are in a monolithic NKX format, which makes it impossible to remove any sample.
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