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Is Embertone updating their Intimate Strings?


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Alex first mentioned an imminent update in autumn 2017. I'm excited to see how they can follow up the JB (talk about a tough act to follow)


But by update, do they mean upgrading the originals, or new instruments?


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Even without new samples, it would be great to have JB-type presets on the other instruments.

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They are also likely adding NKS in the process, which is nice.
I don't think they will upgrade intimate solo string since they have lower the price to continue to sell as it is ( JB is twice the price of frielander). Spitfire has taken advantage with new virtuoso total performance patch ... I have kind of regret to have gone with embertone intimate bundle since this release... so playable script that uses extensive intelligent combinaison of speed and velocity detection ! Wish embertone can release such scripts for intimate.
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