Is anyone using the Icon Platform M+ or X+ as a midi cc controller?

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Eric Watkins
I'd really like to buy one of these if I can easily program it to CC1, CC2, CC7, CC11.....etc etc... Is anyone here successfully using it like this?


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Looks cool. Is it possible to assign 1 fader motorized to the volume of the selected track and the other ones non motorized to CC numbers?


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I think these are the units that need to be turned off and on again if you want to swap from daw to midi controls. That's the only reason I didn't jump on this beaut yet. In midi mode, the faders shouldn't be motorized and I don't think you can set it up so that the master fader stays motorized.

For this I'm playing with the idea of getting a SL mixface. It doesn't look as nice and doesn't have motorized faders but it can swap between DAW and midi on the fly.
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I do own the M+ and X+ and I am happy with them - but not as midi controllers. I did try to get the X+ into the work flow but just couldn't get it to work, and I did try believe me. So in the end I instead geared up with the M+ and integrerade it as my main tool for the DAW (Reaper) and it works perfectly. The faders are great as well as the transport section.

So what about the midi controller then? Well I went out and bought a used BCF2000, and this is a old sometimes neglected beauty – the 100 mm faders is a treat with no hick ups or down time.

Recommend them - all three of them. For the purpose I think they originally where made for.

Best to you

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Studio E

Eric Watkins
I'm using a platform x as a simple fader box. Disabled all the the lights and motorized faders. I just use it to control CC data. Works great for that purpose. You can create your own mapping for the device quite simply.
This is what I was really hoping to hear. Thank you.


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I use the Platform M as a multipurpose controller for DAW control (gain on current track as well as automation) and MIDI performance. Plus several other odds and ends like controlling some functions of my RME interface (main volume, dim, mute, headphones etc.)

All that is made possible via Bome MIDI Translator which I have taking the events from the controller in MCP mode and translating/routing appropriately. It's definitely not a plug and play config.

There's another thread here where I talk about the Platform M and give a long list of the things I like and don't like about it, if you're inclined to search.