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Ipad Pro 12,9" alternatives?


Hello everyone,

this might not be a studio-related question, but rather a question regarding live-gigs. In the past year I started to play more and more live as a piano accompanist and other stuff and I sometimes have like 30 songs to play and this is just really annoying to take care about all the copied different music... So I'm thinking about getting a tablet:

The recent Ipad pro 12,9 seems to be ideal for showing sheet music just as on DIN A4 paper, but, of course its pretty pricy. The old model is cheaper but maybe a little too big?
Are there even other tablets that have a similar format, or which you think are almost as comfortable viewing sheet music (piano mainly)?
A pen would be a must I think for doing proper marks and notes.
Since I have never owed a tablet I don't know if a 11" whould also do the job.

Hope someone can share some insights.



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Im using the “old” iPad 12.9” pro, also for scores and it is great. I use an app “forescore” where you can make your own folders, write notes etc.
I have seen a violin player, who used the iPad pro with a bluetooth pedal so she could turn page, pressing with the food, while she played.
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