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Introducing Red Room Audio and the "Palette" Orchestral Series, plus a freebie!

Red Room Audio

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Greetings! Dickie here from Impact Soundworks. We're proud to announce our new "sister" label, Red Room Audio. It's been difficult keeping this under wraps all year and we're beyond excited to finally tell you about it. Red Room Audio is debuting with 4 large-scale orchestral libraries plus a really cool freebie.

First, welcome to PALETTE - our brand new thematic orchestral series!

Palette is a series of thematic professional orchestral and cinematic Kontakt virtual instruments for songwriters and media composers. It was recorded in a dedicated hall with world-renowned performers by a passionate and experienced team of sample makers. It was a dream come true for us to make and we hope this expansive set of scoring tools inspires you to write some great music.

There’s an awful lot of content here, so to make things more accessible we divided it into multiple products. The first is “Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad,” which contains the building blocks to quickly and easily bring your cinematic ideas to life. Then, to add detail and color to your compositions we’ve put together additional tool sets we call “Brush Packs.” Brush packs focus on deeper and more specific scoring elements like true-legato melodic ensembles, orchestral FX and real recorded Runs & Arpeggios. This way you can pick up the tools you want and not the ones you don’t. Since all Palette instruments were recorded in the same hall by the same production team and the same fantastic musicians, they're designed to complement each other perfectly.

Palette - Symphonic Sketchpad
The flagship of the Palette line. An extensive set of orchestral instruments to bring your cinematic ideas to life. Includes strings, brass and woodwinds ensembles recorded in 2 different sizes with up to 10 articulations. Plus women and mens choirs, percussion, hybrid trailer tools, grand piano and harp. Watch the WALK-THRU here:

Palette Brush Pack 01 - Melodics
17 inspiring melody-carrying orchestral instruments. 11 of the most dramatic and powerful orchestrated combos plus 6 soloists, as selected from the works of our favorite film and classical composers. Each combo was recorded performing together (NOT artificially scripted!). Up to 9 essential articulations per instrument including true legato. Over 26 GB and 90,000+ samples! Watch the WALK-THRU

Palette Brush Pack 02 - Orchestral FX
An extensive collection of cinematic aleatoric orchestral FX for strings, brass, woodwinds and choir. 6 categories for all 4 sections of the orchestra. Also includes a powerful FX Builder patch that allows you to create your own unique FX by layering up to 4 sources with individual controls for adjusting volume, pitch and timing. Watch the WALK-THRU

Palette Brush Pack 03 - Runs & Arps
A complete collection of orchestral runs & arpeggios. Features both strings and woodwinds ensembles performing scales in 6 common modes, each with up to 13 variations, plus 20 kinds of arpeggios. Over 1600 unscripted, real recorded phrases in total! 3 microphone positions, an 8-slot onboard FX rack and drag and drop MIDI data. Watch the WALK-THRU

All Palette libraries are NKS compatible and work with the free Kontakt Player. We're offering $50 intro discount on "Symphonic Sketchpad" for the first 2 weeks, and there's an additional Palette bundles discount in place: -5% if you buy 2, -10% if you buy 3, and -15% if you buy all 4.

Lastly, sign up for a user account and get our FREE vocal & body FX library "Snaps Claps Slaps Stomps & Shouts."

In the interest of keeping this post short (too late?) please visit our website for videos, audio demos, and lots more info about Palette and Red Room Audio. We're thrilled to be a part of the VI-Control community and look forward to hearing from all of you.
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This looks like a brilliant intro package for a starter. The core pack has pretty much everything you need to get started and the Melodics pack looks like it really rounds it out. If were starting out I'd grab this without question!


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Curious, specs say 5.6.8 Kontakt yet some "other" recently announced titles need 5.7.1. Was this encoded a while ago or is the version information incorrect?

PS All sounds really good, pity I have most bases covered. The Runs/Arps one is of real interest, especially with the Midi Drag/Drop.


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Overwhelming response has borked the server, sorry everyone. Working to remedy asap. Thanks for the kind words so far!

Thanks! I was wondering that myself, and checked in here to see if anyone else was having an issue. Thanks for the update - looking forward to checking it out soon!


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Curious, specs say 5.6.8 Kontakt yet some "other" recently announced titles need 5.7.1. Was this encoded a while ago or is the version information incorrect?

It's for 5.6.8.

It was encoded not that long ago, NI has minimum requirement for 5.6.8 when encoding to KP now because of Native Access authorization necessity.
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