INTRODUCING Century Brass 2.0 Available Now!

INTRODUCING Century Brass 2.0 Available Now!


What is new in Century Brass 2.0?

Century Brass 2.0 is the largest- and most advanced upgrade to any library collection we have ever produced. The 2.0 upgrade includes our new true polyphonic legato, 2 new microphone positions in natural orchestral seating, advanced articulation browsing, speed optimization and an additional Century Brass Lite scoring library for all owners of Century Brass Ensemble and Bundle.


The new true polyphonic legato is designed both for traditional dynamically layered legato and for our popular arcs. You can literally play as many notes you want – whether it is a single melody with chords or playing the brass in octaves. We call this “Chordal Legato”. Our new advanced arc legato gives you the ability to play the arcs with true polyphony, while following the natural emotion and movement of the arc. We call this Poly-Time Legato.


Century Brass 2.0 also includes two custom-made “in place” microphone mixes, with instruments situated in a traditional orchestral seating position. We expect the majority of our users will gravitate to using these new mixes for most purposes. Mix A is a focused scoring stage, whereas Mix B is bigger sounding and designed for large-scale, blockbuster mixing. The various mix options on different instruments can help increase the separation in your sound, which is a great way to bring specific instruments into the forefront of your productions. We have also optimized the entire library, allowing for more advanced features and superior performance on a variety of workstations. The entire Century Brass Collection now features our latest Chaos Effects, allowing you to customize the signal path and post-processing with over 140 impulse responses, stereo delays, EQ and much more.


In addition, all owners of Century Ensemble Brass and Century Brass Bundle will receive our new Century Brass Lite with their upgrade. Century Brass Lite is an additional scoring tool added to the collection – offering you the ability to quickly write with all the brass sections pre-loaded in natural orchestral seating positions. Frequent articulations like Arcs, Staccatissimo, and many others have been mixed with all the brass sections together. Century Brass 2.0 has been in production for over two years, including reprogramming, remixing and optimization.


8Dio Century Ensemble Brass Lite

8Dio Century Solo Brass 2.0

8Dio Century Ensemble Brass 2.0 - True Polyphonic Legato

8Dio Century Brass Ensemble 2.0 Articulation Walkthrough
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Sarah Mancuso

Does this also include time-machine stretch options for arcs, shorts, and other timed articulations?
Edit: Oh right, RELEASE options for those articulations, too. That's what I meant to type, oops.

Also, it'd be nice to see the original stereo mixes added back at some point as a third mix option. While the new in-situ mixes will likely be more useful for full arrangements, the premade centered mix is useful for when you just want to add a trumpet to your pop arrangement (for instance).

While I'm making requests, it would be much appreciated if this and other 8Dio libraries had an option to copy and paste mic settings between different instances, like can be done with the mixer in Spitfire's Kontakt libraries. (It would especially be a huge help in Claire, where the artics are always split across multiple patches!)
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Big NKS Fan !
Happy for whatever is offered .... when in $18. - $ 38. range. No nit-picking here ! ;)
Thought new auto depreciation was awful, but new Libs are the new champ .....

.... and BTW 8Dio quality / capability is showing solid promise(imho), just waay painful when cost drops by factors waay over 50%. ymmv ... for sure.
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Please tell me the shorts have been shown some love lol, regardless I will still pay for the polyphonic legatos, an immensely valuable tool, but shorts still seem outdated and hard to work with judging by the videos.


Own Century Strings, which I generally like (exception: the shorts, probably a personal taste things) and consider complementing them with Century Brass.


Century Brass 1 was center recorded, and now Century Brass 2, which are the same samples, has natural positioning, which is great.

But how was the room positioning (pan, depth) achieved, based on the same sample set?


There's really just one way; processing with delays (IR's or other).

Even in the videos, no talk of what Colin wrote about himself here several times, release trails for the marcati !!
Thanks for answering jamwerks!

Hmm, that's what I suspected, currently I just run the strings through Precedence/Breeze and asked because I would not like to introduce additional processing / artefacts if not really necessary.

Ouch, so that means that the marcati still behave like one shot samples as mentioned in the other thread? Seems very counterintuitive, and depending on the way of working could really be a complete turn off - but I suspect one can work around this if necessary? I can not judge, as no other library I have behaves in such a way.


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Even in the videos, no talk of what Colin wrote about himself here several times, release trails for the marcati !!
That is exactly why I asked for additional release samples! If they didn’t do that, it looks like a missed opportunity turning that library from good to great. Maybe they couldn’t achieve it?! Orchestral Tools could accomplish it on all of their medium length notes, so, it should be possible ...


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Thanks for answering jamwerks!

Hmm, that's what I suspected, currently I just run the strings through Precedence/Breeze and asked because I would not like to introduce additional processing / artefacts...
I do the same as you, but will probably use the new mix A.


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Just got the email... 18$ for solo and 28$ for ensemble.

Lol they are having a laugh arent they?

Edit, just got another email, which says 18 for the bundle . Ay?


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Looks like Century 2.0 just went live. FYI , If you own the bundle of ensembles and solos you will get 3 codes to upgrade. You only need to use the $28 upgrade code to get the bundle which also includes Century Brass Lite , bonus :thumbsup:.

Sarah Mancuso

The emails confused me too. For a few minutes I really thought they decided to charge two fees to upgrade the whole set.

But no, the $28 upgrade price is for the bundle, the two $18 ones are to upgrade Solo or Ensemble individually.

I think I'm going to wait for now, and wait to find out if releases have been added for the shorts yet, or if they will be added soon. (Also, are the double/triple tongue artics tempo synced now? I have no idea how to use them as-is...)


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Does anyone know if we need to download the full new library or if there is any kind of patch available?


I just checked with Tyler on live chat, I have the bundle - a full redownload and install of the product and it's not backwards compatible with any of your older projects so you'll need the older version still if you've used it on projects.