Intro Pricing Ending Soon: Trailer Xpressions II - The Boom Experience

Sample logic

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Introducing our latest product:

Sample Logic is proud to present the follow up to their wildly successful TRAILER XPRESSIONS library with this collection that takes things in a whole new direction.

Sample Logic has teamed up with the world leading SFX designer BOOM Library to fuel TXII. This award-winning sound design development team has created samples for thousands of hard-hitting trailers, bone-crunching blockbusters and scintillating scores over many years and now they are lending their talents and remarkable collection of sounds to the Sample Logic team for an exclusive collaboration

Now available from $149.99 intro price for a limited time only.

More details here:

  • Contains 47 Kontakt cinematic construction kit Instruments
  • 1,775 audio files in .wav format at 96kHz/24 bit
  • 9GB sample library
  • MIDI controllable user interface to morph, tweak, creat your favorite sounds
  • Lifetime user license to use the sounds on any production
  • Global and Independent Modes for user interface parameters
SoundCloud playlist

Youtube playlist


Good to hear the per sample edit changes. Will trailer expressions 1 be getting that update?
Sounds great!

However, as a owner of 3 Boom libraries, i would like more transparancy on what samples are new, and what samples are from existing Boom libraries. I feel no need to buy the same samples again obviously.
Maybe i missed it in my short overview on the website though.. diving in deeper right now.


Is the crossgrade for Boom customers limited (to certain libraries)? I‘m interested in several Boom libraries and would also like to pick up Trailer Xpressions 2.


@Sample logic I'm going to assume you missed my question both times, so I'll give it another go: Will trailer xpressions 1 be getting the UI updates too?


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I bought Trailer Xpressions and I still use it quite regularly. I'm looking forward to this new library.


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You know you want this one, SS88, she's a beauty. Same approach as its predecessor, but now with all of Boom's sonic mayhem.


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I thought so too before.
But now they’re included in TEII way cheaper and easier to handle within the SampleLogic environment. This is how even hobbyists are able to use professional stuff. These sounds are indeed quite wonderful and inspiring. Check them out at the Boom site, you’ll see what I mean.


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While I appreciate that these are high quality well recorded samples, I will still politely disagree that the pricing is right.

After all,what you are getting is a collection of FX. BOOM is a trusted sampler used by a lot of audio professionals. This does not mean that other samplers (which in this case means those who record samples) are incapable of achieving the same results. Particularly since FX is all we're talking about.

I dislike that in this case the high cost of the samples being used is being passed on to the customer. Otherwise, this seems to be a fine product.


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Just bought this. Trailer Xpressions I was good. This, at least on first examination, is better. So far I haven't found any sounds that are not extremely well done and useful. The collection is larger than the first one also. I have a lot of collections like this and I can say at the current price it is an extremely good value. Won't have time to play with it in depth until after I finish my taxes. But initial impression is very good.