Interface and ADA Sync problems


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Hello, I have an FCA1616 with a 8 channel ADA synchronised via optical cable to get 16 simultaneous channels for recording.

The problem is: I´ve done everything right, by the manual. Everything is synced, my DAW recognises my 16 channels but I just can't get any sound thru my ADA (I´ve tested it, everything is working fine).

With my interface, everything is fine. Just te ADAT don't give me my input sounds.

I use a late 2012 Mac mini, with the latest macOS.

Anyone has any tip or experience with that? I´ve read thousands of posts and still no clue.


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Your FCA needs to be set to SLAVE it's clock from the incoming ADAT optical...and the (I'm assuming?) ADA8000 expander needs to be set as master clock. I know you SAY it's "all sync'd" but other than sometimes getting a read out in the control panel, passing audio is how you know it's sync'd.

Can't go over 48khz with ADAT, case you're in sync then starting a 96khz project...interface IO will be fine, expander will need an extra optical cable.


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Thank you for your answer!

Doing that way worked too but i found out the problem: the optical input connection on the FCA is not working perfectly! Moving the optical cable slowly there eventually synced.