Install AU only? Or AU and VST?


I've just made the switch from PC to Mac. I'll be setting up my new iMac and installing my various Sample libs over the next few days. One question that I have is do I need to install both VST and AU versions of the Sample libs OR are the AU versions all I need? I plan to use Logic as my main DAW, although I do have Studio One and Cubase that I may use from time to time.


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Install them all, you never know when you might switch or have to use ProTools or whatever.


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Another reason to install the VST's is if you use VEPro - you can instantiate the VST versions inside VEPro and then if you at some point want to use those VEPro metaframes (or whatever they're called) on a PC slave you can copy them over and they will load, whereas if you had created VEPro templates that call for the AU version of Kontakt they won't load on a PC slave. So using VST's inside VEPro is a way to make your VEPro setups somewhat transportable.


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Just like @charlieclouser mentioned, if you use Cubase (Or anything else that isn't Logic) you can load your project files using the same plugins on a Windows machine with no changes using vst versions of the plugins!


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I always installed both even though I've been Logic only for years. Just got a Maschine Jam and it can use both so I'm glad to have the VSTs installed as well.