InstaChord - Brilliant Little Piece of Software - On Sale $14.90


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Soooo …… in Reaper, one creates a Track containing ChordPotion and then adds something like OTS EV Rock Standard like an FX … on the Track ? Is it incorrect to simply do a Send from ChordPotion to EV Rock Standard ? :barefoot:
Either way would work.

When was chordpotion on sale for $10? That’s about the most I would pay for it.


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Dex: thanks for pictures (saying more the words some times :) ) and explanation. It already clears things for me, I was only interested in something giving me some inspiration which chord progressions.

As chordpotion is mentioned: I have it and I love it but I doubt it was ever on sale for 10 bucks, there was (as always with feelyoursound) an intro offer with I think 20 % off, the feelyoursound stuff never goes on that strange deal prizes and I am glad the develloper (nice guy by the way) seems to be able to live without these things. This is all very good stuff and chordpotion already had a big update which realizes lots of user requests even if it goes in different direction from the original intent (one of the happy requesters talking here :) ). But its more a generative/randomn sequence generator which now goes as far as being useable as simple accompaniement track generator (bass, chord, additional high notes track).