Innocent Love [Original composition / Score included]


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Hi all,
This is my latest music track. I have written it out in StaffPad first. Then did the rebuild in my DAW with my favourite libraries. I hope you enjoy it. For the ones who are interested in the score, you can download it here: download score.



So pretty much, Key of G


II IV V / I V IV / II V I / etc etc.

Elementary (innocent ;) ) cadences in key of G.

It could be your intention here, so no offense intended, but maybe a bit ordinary.
It almost feels like you're teaching someone cadences in G, or you just learned
a bunch of cadences in G and you're playing them in random order.

Maybe your intention is that the chords themselves are the melody/harmonized?
It still feels a bit too ABC 123, but again, not sure of your intention.
The voicings/harmonies are ( hate to use this word again but) a bit ordinary.

Depending on your intentions with this piece, this feedback may make some sense, or no sense. LOL

Less cadences. More exploration within one or two of them, with more invention in melody and
Rhythmic motiff is a big deal. Often, one can recognize a well known melody, even when the
notes are all wrong, but the rhythmic motiff is intact. Your quarter quarter half / quarter quarter half/ motiff is well, i think you know what i might say without me saying it. LOL

Certainly nothing wrong with a simple rhythmic motiff. For instance Polar Express opener =
quarter quarter quarter quarter/ 8 8 8 8 quarter quarter/ Not the most exciting rhythm,
but the melody = from root up to 5th, down to major 7th is so stirring and whimsical, the simple
rhythm works very well.

So of course, simple is totally fine. But you need one element to be the protagonist. A cast of
supporting actors can only tell half the story.

What is your music background?


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Reminiscent of British string orchestra pieces. The material starting at [1:08] grabbed my attention. You've got some graphics/video chops too.