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One of the best developers out there. I have several of his products. Tracy also coded the Amadeus Symphony for Sonic Scores and it's terrific.
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Paul Grymaud

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True. Indiginus sounds like Indie genius. I also have some of their products (Renegade acoustic, renegade electric, Renaixxance, Delta blues guitar, Brio percus...) I use them regularly and I've never been deceived. Easy to use, low memory. Thanks to the devs !


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I have several Indiginus products and love them all. I have never needed support, but @tcollins is usually responsive on this forum. Not sure about KVR.


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Just to beat the dead horse - they make great stuff. Renaxxance, for example, is not just cheaper than some other nylon string guitars, but better at what it does, too. Indignus is solid


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What everyone else said. @tcollins is very responsive both here and by email.

About KVR, he once told me that he has problems getting notification from KVR that questions had been posted there and that's the reason he frequently doesn't respond in that forum.

@Mike Greene, would it be a good idea, or even feasible, to host developer support forums here?
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Renaxxance is so playable live! That's probably the strength of all Indiginus libraries, that you can play it live with good articulations.