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Independent Sample Library/ Music Plugin Manufacturers Directory (In-Progress)


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Sample/ plugin Directory in-progress!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! Greetings from Ireland!

I created this a few weekends ago; it struck me that there was a public spreadsheet created of musicians who were available for remote recording, however nothing had yet existed to support independent Music plugin developers who might not have as large a platform as the leading manufacturers for advertising their products!

The creation of this document does not mean that I’ve anything against the ‘bigger’ manufacturers; in-fact, not at all. I believe that every company that makes the decision to combine their love for music with their computer science skills in order to create composing and producing software in whatever way they can warrants respect, no matter their status in the current market.

You never know, you could find your new favourite plugin/ library! I’ve been notified of a few so far.

  • Please read the form fully before submitting your company details and if you’re a composer or producer availing of the information on the spreadsheet, please also read the notice at the top!
  • This sheet is constantly being updated, so it would be more beneficial to bookmark it than to save as a pdf.
  • Please note that any links to personal websites/ composing showreels will be promptly deleted in the interest of fairness.

Hoping to find an external host for it soon. Thanks for reading and you may see this elsewhere on the internet in the coming weeks. Please note that this is a working document and that I may add leading manufacturers to it at a later date (on an alternate spreadsheet).


Submission form:

Database (spreadsheet - working document):
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