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OMG, the wait is killing me! :scout::faint:

Another ethnic wind instrument? or just an ethnic instrument?
Something in the Plectra Series. Although there is another wind instrument coming as well (probably Feb).

any plans to add NKS support to the Ventus instruments?
Yes, and they will be coming to Kontakt Player as well with a UI refresh, Console, TACT 2.0 etc.


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AWESOME news NKS. I would love to see your whole catalog go in that direction. Love your libraries but NKS would topple it right over for me. (Free to existing users, heh?)


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I know it’s kind of not in your interest to answer this, but will there be another guitar blowout in the future, before Shreddage 3 update maybe?
Kinda regret not buying Archtop along with the Shreddage 2.
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