IMO, the question of 2020:

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  1. sIR dORT

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    Oct 26, 2018
    Will the dems realize that they simply need to shut up and let Trump talk his way out of the presidency, or will they go even more radical and dig themselves a massive hole?

    MO: They dig themselves a hole to "Chyna"
  2. Kony

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    Jul 29, 2016
    I don't think it matters what the Dems say - and they have no choice now. Trump will likely use the emergency powers and ensuing legal challenge for his 2020 campaign - and may likely win on the basis of the new "finish the wall" rally slogan. In other words, he's saying that the wall is being built - and he'll probably say he needs time to finish building the wall by being re-elected. The indications are that the legal challenge could be protracted - I hope it goes through the courts quickly though as the onus will be on Trump to provide evidence for his "national emergency" - and there isn't any.

    Trump to sign border security bill and declare emergency over wall
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  3. Kony

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Notes from El Chapo's court case (source - ABC News):

    The cartel used legal points of entry
    Though it never explicitly mentioned a border wall, the El Chapo trial methodically revealed how the cartel brought the drugs across the border.

    Under Guzman's guidance, drugs were smuggled by plane, train, automobile, submarine, boat, tunnel and banana peel.

    Frequently, the cartel would construct front companies that sold legal items. After shipping a few clean loads north into American cities, Guzman's associates would pack drugs into compartments or stuff drugs into the products themselves.

    One witness described how Guzman filled cans of jalapenos with cocaine, stacked them on the back of commercial tractor-trailers and drove through legal points of entry, no questions asked.

    The cartel took larger loads, though less frequently, by rail and sea. Sometimes operatives transported millions in cash.

    In other words, the Sinaloa's narcotics were not snuck through the so-called "soft spots" that Mr Trump describes. They weren't taking advantage of a lack of concrete wall or steel-slat fence. They were going through legal points of entry.

    And then there's the tunnels

    When the drug kingpin escaped from a maximum-security Mexican prison in 2015 —for the second time — it was through a sophisticated tunnel, stretching from the floor of his cell to a shack some two kilometres away.

    Rumour has it he sent his top men to learn the dark art of tunnelling in Germany for a few months.

    During the trial, one of El Chapo's top logistics officers explained how he dug tunnels from Mexico to the US border state of Arizona in the early 1990s.

    One such outlet exited just a few blocks from a Customs and Border Protection office.

    US media outlets have reported drug-smuggling tunnels as deep as 27 metres. Some contained lighting systems, ventilation, drainage and lifts.

    And authorities estimate tunnels are a popular method of trafficking drugs. US Border Patrol reported seven tunnels in San Diego alone in 2017.

    As one official told the Washington Post, the ground near Mexico is "like Swiss cheese".
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    Mar 7, 2014
    They'll go even more radical and dig themselves into a hole. As they keep acting insane, all Trump has to do is keep mocking them (due to a constant influx of new material) and he can cruise to the finish line.

    From the racist Virginia gov who almost Moonwalked during his presser, to the Muslim anti-Semite congresswoman... Dems are not off to a good start. And all the potential candidates are weaklings.

    It's going to be fun watching them lose again.
  5. Kony

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Declaring the national emergency is a win-win for Trump unfortunately - because if it gets knocked back in the courts, he can blame the Dems for not being able to fulfill his election promise. His hands are tied anyway otherwise he'll look weak for caving to the Dems....
  6. Mike Greene

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    Things are still getting personal, so I deleted more posts.
  7. Kony

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Mexico border wall: Trump faces fight in the courts

    It looks like Trump is going to be in his element now - facing a battle which he can rally his supporters behind. He surely knew this was the outcome and did it anyway so what other explanation can there be other than to assume he's going to use it in his 2020 campaign - he already hinted that he doesn't want this resolved in the short term.
  8. C M Dess

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    Are you guys on the left watching for this guy(Andrew Yang)? I like that he has at least addressed the "jobless" future....It is a key bond to the omnipresent hatred from the rural communities and the soon to go from underemployed to pointless zombie communities. Cause it's a real pain in the AZZ not having a sound future or a world that fits the kind of career you like (your strengths). The world also changes its mind and devalues the other so fast, just when you get a grip of it, naturally. He's a start but it really needs to get fleshed out by the informed and reasonable population, who also know how to actuate from principals. There will still be many side-effects. It's so funny that the number one thing the world actually needs to do right now is STOP CREATING SHIT/ARMS RACE and focus on improving and maintaining things that promote quality of life. LIVINGRY. But they can't stop because there's no sound world monetary system and because there's no sound monetary system there are still resource wars because there are resource wars the arms race is a race to death/Human Extinction. Oh shit I added my own thoughts, whoops. Here's the guy and he's running for president.

    The Bleak Impact of Automation | Joe Rogan & Andrew Yang

    The Problem with "Free" College | Joe Rogan & Andrew Yang

    I don't believe in the system until the root is fixed (world wide money scheme tweaked) but I would probably vote for him in the mean time.

    In the long run (if there is one), it's a question of when the valuing of human lives will be returned to society. Things are worse than people know under the RC. But people have always had their very correct suspicions.

    Poisoning The World From the U.S.A - The Devil we Know

    My suspicion is that they (RC) will stick chemicals or nanobots into the "internet of things" and atmosphere which will cause lots of strange effects on the human mind. I did not come up with this because I'm nuts, I came up with it because I read between the lines of the "COSMIST MANIFESTO". Which is a plan by russians (who are still under the RC) and others at google to implant VR and mind sensory altering tools into the minds of humans to create "immortality of the soul"...Their words, not mine. The problem of the ages is the that people with good memories are confused with people with good minds. People with good memories work for the RC and are doing manipulated things to disrupt the working class and their ability to earn a living and corrupting the future of civilization through siphoning the sum of human progress to suit only themselves. The power imbalance of the rich growing richer and the poor getting poorer is a proof of the corrupted process, not a happy accident.

    If you think of life as a mind presence, which is then mechanically manifested into simulations with limitations it is another way to wrap your mind around dimensions. Dimensions are places we experience through alternated sensory perception. When you make music "in your mind" you are not in reality. You are visiting or glimpsing into a dimensional accent to realities mechanics. The strength of your minds eye can be altered from substance or development.

    I think this is why Nikola Tesla said he had trouble distinguishing from his mental projections and actual reality. The deeper you go into the minds projection system you put your biological system on hold and/or at risk. What's confusing is that reality is actually artificial and the mental projections are what is real (the core of existence).

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    Feb 13, 2011

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