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Images in motion - Landscape


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Here is little piece of something I made for my brother. Actually video editing and adding motion to stills takes more time then making music for it. Music was made in about 2 days and video editing takes more then week. I was hoping to add more variation, dynamics to percussion but there was not time for it. Yup it is simple thing but at least you can check how beautifull out country is :P.
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I'm a musical nobody...
Thanks for sharing that - I enjoyed the music and the visuals.

I wonder if you could enlighten me as to what software you used to "add motion to stills"?

I have an interest in both photography and music and have often thought it would be nice to combine them as indeed you have done very successfully.

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First some preparation in affinity photo (you can use any photo editor you have), where I split photo to elements/layers/objects for motion.

Video editing and all motion was made in Davinci Resolve 15 (Free version). It was first time I used it. First I was thinking about camera projection in fusion module (inside davinci) but there was no time, so only basic editing (zooming, rotating, paning) was done. It is interesting piece of sofware but it is pain to work with it.

User interface is not user friendly and basic stuff like trimming, transition are difficult compared for example to vegas video. Transparency in editor also work weird because if you add effect to transparent image it doesn't apply to alpha channel. There is a way to solve it in grading module but it makes everyting too complicated. Not to mention this fairlight engine for audio is even less user friendly.
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