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Image to Sound software


Can anyone recommend any software that converts an image to sound or to a waveform that can be done in Windows?

And if not software.. A script? Max? Python? Puredata?

I've tried look and can't really find anything that looks promising for windows at least.



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Are you looking for software to work with the image live on stage, or are you looking for something to create a video clip? If it's for the second option, there's Hitfilm (the Express version is free).
It is a compositing software like Adobe After Effect, and with that it is possible to make the image interact with the sound.



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I use Metasynth (image synth and image as filter) - its currently OSX only, but apparently they do plan to port to Windows.. A search for 'Metasynth for Windows' seemed to offer some options.

Kaleidoscope by 2CAudio looks very interesting - OSX & Windows
Trial versions available

"Technically speaking, Kaleidoscope is a massively parallel bank of physically modeled resonators that can be tuned completely arbitrarily with scientific precision and dynamically modulated over time by over two million points of automation. In simplistic terms, Kaleidoscope uses pictures to control sound.

Kaleidoscope is both an effects processor as well as a content generator, meaning that it is possible to synthesize completely new sounds without any input sound or MIDI performance data as well as to transform incoming audio signals in other-worldly manners.

Info about the image mapping:


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I have used Klevgrand's Wizibel, but it is only available on iOS devices. It has a number of templates where the music interacts with the music. It's not a problem that it's not desktop. Just put your music in the app and output to video.

The "snow" on this video was done with Wizibel.



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Only thing that comes to my mind:

But I have not tried it out so I cant judge.
I was using this extensively in some projects last year, really curious interface. And so much fun! As a concept, the whole image-to-sound thing is a bit silly IMHO, as the correlation is pretty forced; I used Photosounder only to make sounds I couldn't have otherwise thought of making.

Generally speaking, the concept pops up every now and then. There's been tons of art made with that idea, but it's often disappointing due to the weak connection between the two medium, ie. photography and music (light+sound in themselves is a different story). The actual results are neither exciting to listen to nor giving you new ways to understand the image in question. Just my opinion from witnessing lectures on the topic and attending to concerts and exhibitions based on this idea.

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If you can find a 2nd hand copy of the original Camel Audio version of Alchemy, the image to sound functionality in that works quite well and has various painting, editing tools a little like Photoshop. It does a heap of other very interesting resynthesis stuff too including true morphing between 4 resynthesised parts.


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