I'm working on a reverb algorithm - 'Abyss'


For the last couple of days I've been foraying into reverb algorithm design. This is new territory for me - I've done some basic DSP in the past, but nothing to this extent.

I did of reading into the basic concepts, but Abyss is mostly a result of my own experimentation. The goal was to make an ethereal, dreamy reverb, rather than imitating a real acoustic space.

This was the initial test after an evening of messing about in MaxMsp:
(that should say depreciation, not 'deprication')

Then I spent another day or so refining the algorithm (I wasn't happy with the fluttery sound of the initial version) and then recorded this little jam, running my Model D through some pedals and tape delay then finally into Abyss. The chain is mono up until the reverb, so the stereo image is created entirely by Abyss.
Then Midnight Grand and Frozen Crotales, also going through the reverb.

I'm pretty happy with it so far, but it needs a bit more work. Not sure what I plan to do with it when it's finished, but I'll post any updates here.

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Audio Birdi

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I read the text at the bottom of the video wrong as I’m on mobile and thought it read “Powered by Will Bedford”. Damn you’re a good algorithm Will!


Would be great for soundscapes especially on found sound type of stuff. When will it be available?
Unsure at this point. Currently the prototype is in MaxMsp. The next step is translating that to raw DSP code. I'm toying with the idea of making a pedal out of it, but we'll see.