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I'm obsessed with this piano sound

Wally Garten

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Not sure if this is samples or a real piano, but the high notes, especially, sound incredible to me.

(The show is also pretty good, BTW.)

Bill the Lesser

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Kinda honky tonk sounding. I played around with detuning individual notes on the Steinberg "The Grand" pianos and got something like that.


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Damn, the sound on the piano is compressed to death !!! And I have the feeling that it's passing through some kind of lo-fi speaker simulator instead of a simple EQ. Maybe you could try something like iZotope Vinyl : bypass everything noise-related and try only the "years" (1970, 1950...) button to quickly see if this gets you closer. This is simply some kind of bandpass filter, but I'm convinced it will help you a lot to get that sound faster.


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Is it something like this? Got a similar feeling when I played on top of it. (Not sure if I'm playing this correctly)



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