IK Multimedia site issues?


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Hi Guys,

Is anyone else experiencing trouble visiting the IK site? For 2 days it will not load here. Any saved bookmarks or links from searches that go to the IK site will not load. I've tried from my desktop, iPad and phone using Safari and Chrome. My internet connection is fine and all other websites load normally. Once in 10 tries I might get it to load, but sometimes it doesn't load the whole page, or if it does then clicking on a product link doesn't work and it just seizes up...

Really strange....
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Thanks guys -

Yeah, I sorted it out. Really strange... All other sites were loading fine, but IK wouldn't. I cleared caches, tried different browsers and it was happening from my desktop, iPad and phone. Because of this I didn't initially consider rebooting my router, but in the end that's what worked.

All good now -)