If You Have the Apogee One Interface, I Found the Perfect Case


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My mobile rig is stored in a backpack full of zippered cases for components so nothing gets smooshed. Problem is, the new(ish) Apogee One (the one that works also with Win10), which has dongles for XLR connections, etc, needs a case badly if you use a backpack.

So here it is, the perfect case for the Apogee One, it's actually a hard travel case for a WD hard drive, on Amazon. I didn't want the big rotary knob, which also is a click button, to be pressed down while stored, in fact I wanted a strong case to give it headroom and protect it from that. You get exactly that with this case as long as you slide the unit to the outside and fold the protective flap in half:
Then when you close it the folded flap sits along side and doesn't press down the button. The case is a nylon-mesh-covered hard rubber, and as you see I have the XLR dongle set in as an L shape. That's great because I only need a sound card 99% of the time... it keeps the cable in place quite nicely. I just want the soap bar next to me with one USB cable but the dongle stored if needed. Works just great. I keep my one USB-C-to-Mini USB cable in the mesh pocket along with my Steinberg Key. BTW, I run this off of my lonely USB-C jack on the Acer laptop and the Apogee takes the larger Mini USB which I thought would be hard to find, but this one works perfectly. UGreen cables are great, I have several different ones.

ANYWAY, when you use this case it WILL leave headroom for the Apogee's rotary knob. I even laid one side of a 12lb dumbbell on the case and it held up NO problem. I think, for $275, Apogee needs to acquire a boatload of these cases and included them with the interface, lol.


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