Idea - Ability to flag/star threads for yourself


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Random idea I just had when browsing the members compositions...

We have bookmarks and we can set threads as watched, but we've got nothing to flag a thread for our own purposes.

I often spend time going through the Member's Compositions forum and listening to each track. Sometimes I comment, sometimes I just like the OP's post if I like the music, and if a really like it I will add it to my bookmarks. But then when I am looking at the threads list, I can't see what is bookmarked (partly I assume because you bookmark a post, not the thread) or which ones I particularly liked.

It would be good to have some way to flag or put a star on threads that you don't necessarily want to watch or bookmark, so that when viewing the thread list you know which ones to look at again in future - or in my case which ones contain the stuff I like.

I'm meaning some indicator that only I can see, not something visible to other members.

Or does this already exist?

Mike Greene

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I'm not clear on why Watched Threads wouldn't work for this? As far as I know, your watched threads list isn't public, so I don't see a downside to that.

I don't think the Xenforo software has any alternatives, but what I often do is keep a running email to myself (sort of like my running "To Do" email) where you put in the links of threads you want to keep track of.


Recovering sale addict
No worries, it was just a thought. I'll just keep using bookmarks instead.

The watch thread option means you get notifications for the thread if someone posts in it, which I want to avoid.