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I5 to i7 iMac upgrade?


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I purchased an iMac back in 2012 (model EMC no.:2546). I would like to upgrade the i5 to an i7 and change out the hard drive to an SSD. The current CPU is 2.9 Ghz Intel Core i5.

My questions are: 1) can it be done and 2) which processor to purchase?

Some may think that it wouldn't be worth it, that buying a different machine would be better. This machine has 32 GB RAM and is in perfect condition, I would just like to be able to do a little more with it.

Thank you for your assistance


In case nobody here is able to help answer your question, I suggest you check with macrumors.com as they have hundreds of mac modifier type folks there.

My personal concern would be in how difficult it is to take apart those imacs and put them back together, but I know people do that. Another question would be whether the heat generated by the processor upgrade could be managed by the cooling system in the imac.

PS: I have bricked a laptop and a mac mini by trying to disassemble things without being careful. OTOH, I have built and updated dozens of desktop computers, so I am way ahead on average, but avoid taking apart non-desktop computers these days.
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