I4790k upgrade to what?


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Looks like the patches were extremely minor:


In any case, probably not a good idea to get Skylake-X either at this very moment - assuming their successor is coming soon, which it is rumored to be. Same with 8700k -> 9900k. I'm waiting on this myself!
Thanks for the pointer. I should have checked, the 9900k is limited to 64GB of RAM. Coffee Lake processor and of course all the current processors have the Spectre & Meltdown issues in the processor itself.

Specs of the i9 9900k processor...



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For mixing I'm using 1024 - the highest setting available. I was extending life of my machine for a bit of time already in many different ways. This is why I came to the point that I can't do anything more than just upgrade machine.
If you got a decent cooler, some overclock will help...