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I wrote "Spa" music for Detective Pikachu


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This is probably the least badass thing I ever did... but it was so fun to do.

The marketing team contacted me to figure out a way to make the following joke work:

"Psyduck has a headache, so he needs to listen to some musak while they're driving. We already licensed Whitney Houston so you can use that melody if you want"

So I researched "musak" and discovered the fascinating history behind it. Transcribed Whitney vocals. Re-harmonized everything to make it relaxing.

Ironically, it's the polar opposite of what I usually do for trailers.
I finally got a chance to use:
- cheap drums
- 7th chords
- wood-winds
- happy progressions
- marimba

The final product:

(I also remixed the rest of the trailer, but it's not as cool as the elevator music)


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But... "7th chords" = Muzak? That's a strange implication.

Thank you ;)

I guess what I meant is that: 7th chords =/= usual trailer music.

Musak seems to cover a wide range of stuff, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly the codes.
I ended basing my (very limited) studies on Stimulus Progression #2. It's a fantastic piece of music!

Makes me feel like flying to Brasil in the 70s <3

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