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I reimagined the theme to GAME OF THRONES - used an old voice memo tape recorder!


Thanks! That's kind of you to ask. I just whipped this up for ya:

Hope it's fun and interesting for you!

And lastly, I added a timeline for you on the YouTube description (so you can skim through the main points), but here it is in case you want to watch on here:


0:35 - Atmos sounds are just my jacket sleeves rubbing against each other.
2:00 - What the piano does
2:47 - What pianos I used (and a synth that supported those pianos)
3:39 - Tangerine Dream-type synth sounds
4:12 - Explaining involvement with sample library, Output, and how that's connected with the sounds I make.
4:45 - Vocals and what they do
5:43 - Booms from audio imperia added weight to the track
6:22 - White noise risers
6:55 - Acoustic guitars tracked with a tape recorder
7:21 - Some of this track has an interesting 90's music vibe to it. I thought it was cool that it could fit in this vibe.
7:45 - The power of the Lacrimosa choirs adds some meat and heft to this track. I changed the syllables every few minutes
8:20 - Incoherent and non-essential yelling into the microphone
8:38 - Oceania accents the main theme
9:05 - A synth I made on zebra became an essential part of the atmospheric effects. Especially because it has a bunch of high end frequencies that filled the air.
10:04 - Live trumpet (which I can't actually play) adds more atmospheric vibes.
10:42 - I incorporated a "Drag Bass," which pop music uses, to give this a minimal bass sound. Just continuing to fill the frequencies.
11:20 - "Rubberband" Zebra patch that I made really adds some crunch to a track, just like the rippiness of a brass instrument might add if you were playing it loud enough.
12:18 - Synthesizer that supports the main theme that the violins play.
12:50 - Live strings played by Joni Fuller.
13:50 - Live strings with no FX applied.
14:25 - Live strings in context with FX applied.
14:57 - Female-sounding vocals combined with male-sounding vocals give the track a haunting vibe.
15:41 - Added organ to give it some beefy airiness.
16:20 - Haunting vocals to end this thing.
16:31 - Trying to find earlier versions of this track to see how it evolved.
Omg, what an answer! Thank you sooo much! Gonna study the heck out of this thing.
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