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I need to cut over $1000 from my new PC order - I need your help to decide what

Discussion in 'PC/Mac Builders, Mods, Peripherals - New' started by Aenae, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Mornats

    Mornats Senior Member

    Feb 21, 2016
    Bristol, UK
    My PC is an overclocked gaming/DAW PC and one thing that was recommended to me was to always buy your RAM in matched sets. Mine is 3 years old now and I can't even get extra RAM with the same CAS timings as my existing RAM and when I was looking around on forums to see if mixing the CAS timings was ok, the answer was no - even if it's the same clock speed, make and model of RAM. Mixing RAM and in particular doing it on an overclocked machine is not good for stability or compatibility - so I've been told. I've got no real experience of it as I've never mixed RAM sets before.

    So I'd go more for the RAM than the extra SSD. You can always easily add an extra SSD when you need the space later on. Unless of course you know you need the extra space now. But even then you could put your lesser used or smaller libraries onto an HDD for now.
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  2. Piano Pete

    Piano Pete Senior Member

    Jan 5, 2017
    You could save more money by not going with the ram you have selected. There are minute benefits between the speeds of ram and cas latency for most computer usage. From my tests, I have not found the price hikes worth it. Sure, it is hot to show off to people, but I would rather keep that extra money in my pocket. In your scenario, you could save an additional hundred dollars or so by going with slower speed ram.

    Out of curiosity, why do you keep going back to the 960 evo? 500gb is $250, and if you were to go with the 850 evo, which is a reliable SSD and more than fast enough for what you are planning to do, you would only spend $170 (currently on sale for $150). It is more than enough to support your DAW work and render video. From what I have been reading from your posts so far, I do not think you would really notice the difference between the two SSDs. There are very few scenarios outside of a select few individuals that really need them to function. M.2 memory, while it is technically faster, is too expensive per gig that I wouldn't grab it if you are budgeting a computer. If it were me, I would grab two 500gb 850s for $300. For $50 more, you walk away with 1TB worth of SSD storage versus $250 for 500gb.

    I would also double check all of the items you have planned to purchase and read their specifications. Use a PSU calculator to get a rough-guesstimate of the power usage. Leave yourself room to grow into it; get a PSU that is efficient and quiet. It is ok to spend some extra money on a platinum rated PSU. I have had good experience with Seasonic products. (Yes, components are getting more efficient that the power usage of computers has been going down. I am in the camp to grab one that is going to last and that can support new parts down the road. I hate having to redo cable management after upgrading parts.)

    Make sure you are reading the specifications and making sure that parts you purchase can actually be used. Do your homework! I always hate to see when people invest hard earned money into something only to later find out that an extra couple of hours of diligence could have avoided a calamity. Luckily, Newegg has good return policies, but this is a good practice to keep.
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  3. OP

    Aenae Member

    Dec 11, 2015
    Thanks for your opinion. I still haven't decided what to pick.
    Wait, what? The https://pcpartpicker.com/product/yY...tx-lga1151-motherboard-z270-gaming-pro-carbon motherboard supports 64 GB RAM? Obviously even first one, the much more expensive one I had originally when I was way over budget obviously supported 64 GB as well. I don't get why you are saying I selected a motherboard which doesn't even support 64 GB RAM when it does. You might be thinking of https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Jc...ga1151-motherboard-z270i-gaming-pro-carbon-ac
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  4. passsacaglia

    passsacaglia Senior Member

    Jan 14, 2016
    Ah ok I saw that now. Btw the EVGA seems a little cheaper, reviews said it performs likewise and they have excellent customer support. Where do you find 220 for the MSI card? : )
    Even Newegg has some for around 184 for that one... there's always money to save :

    Or you also have this MSI for 189, dunno the difference tho:
  5. Piano Pete

    Piano Pete Senior Member

    Jan 5, 2017
    I apologize, you are correct. I was looking at it from my phone and it kept selecting the AC version from the Newegg App. I will correct that post. See, I should've double read it ;).

    If you want to build it to set and forget, grab the 64gb of ram over an m.2. For DAW work particularly, depending on how many instruments you use etc, you will benefit greatly from having the extra RAM over m.2 storage. Even if you aren't using it all at first, you will have enough headroom for later.

    If you have the money for both and really want the m.2, that is perfectly reasonable as well. My suggestions are coming from trying to save as much of a budget as possible, hence my hesitancy towards recommending a m.2 SSD; however, m.2 or not, I would recommend grabbing 64gb of ram regardless-- even more so if it is a singular computer without a slave to support its operations.

    My final big recommendation is a quality of life thing that is often overlooked, but it may be worth investing in some longer SATA cables, one or two, depending on how large your case is. I have found that this can be a godsend at times when sorting out cable management. If it is a more compact case, the cables that come with the MB usually work well, but it also depends on where you put your storage etc.

    Hopefully this helps some.
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  6. Prockamanisc

    Prockamanisc Senior Member

    Jul 15, 2015
    New Orleans
    Having the m.2 as the OS drive makes a big difference. My template used to take 7 minutes when I had an 850 EVO, and it now takes a little over 5 minutes after I installed the 960 Pro. That's significant. I would just get like a 5TB HDD for a few months to store all the samples, then slowly move the samples onto SSDs as you're able to afford them.
  7. JohnG

    JohnG Senior Member

    Nov 13, 2007
    1. for music, there is no perceptible difference between higher and lower clock speed RAM, but MORE RAM is very noticeable and very helpful [edit: in case I'm not being clear, I DEFINITELY recommend the 64 GB of RAM instead of supposedly faster SSD];

    2. for music, there is no perceptible difference between the 960 and 850 SSD;

    3. for music, you don't need a fancy graphics card;

    4. the M.2 for boot drive is nice / not necessary at all. I do have SSDs for some boot drives, HDs for others on PC slave computers, but really that time saving is negligible during the work day. I don't notice the difference.

    PC Partpicker is not reliable, in my unfortunate (recent) experience.
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  8. Symfoniq

    Symfoniq Senior Member

    May 8, 2013
    A 750 watt power supply is completely unnecessary for that build. I'd get a higher efficiency power supply instead, with a hybrid mode that shuts off the power supply fan below a certain load (some Seasonic units do this).
  9. zircon_st

    zircon_st Senior Member

    What country are you in? Some of those prices look incredibly high. A 7700k is at most $334 in the US, for example, and can be often found cheaper.

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