I need help with a generic epic perc structure


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You could do a 16th rhythm as a base and then add some bigger hits to emphasize either downbeats or any points in the measure you want. Also, listen around and see what good composers within the epic genre do for rhythmic structure at the climaxes of their pieces. Nice work though :thumbsup:


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You style reminds me of what I hear in this album. Take a listen and try to implement some of the rhythms or take inspiration from some of the percussion in here. Best of luck and great piece!



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Hi Hans,

I would add dotted quarter, then 8th note, to beat four, then maybe 8th notes. (1, {2&}, 4)
16ths might be too busy at beginning.
Make sure to add fairly big sounding drum sounds. or whatever you might be hearing as your composition style builds.
or the 1 -2& only at beginning where you see fit.

From my studies and listening to music, the (1, {2&}, 4) pattern is pretty typical in a lot of different genres, esp Pop an Jazz.

Hope this helps.
Have a great weekend.


Mr. Kerry Kennard