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I made a Reaper color map / custom keyroll


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Good people of the forums! I bring to you great tidings of comfort and inspiration. This is my custom color map and keyroll, painstakingly developed over entire nights for various hours.

These assets have been meticulously designed by hand and eye, each color carefully considered and selected. You will enjoy the bespoke, gluten-free, hand-crafted, brilliant visual style this pack will give to your Reaper.

Jokes aside, I had fun making this and think it turned out pretty nice. Figured I would share it with anyone here who also uses Reaper and enjoys a more vibrant and engaging visual style.

Also, note that the background of the midi editor is coming from an FL Studio theme I am using in Reaper.



I figure most people know how to install something like this, but if you need help, just ask and I will post a quick guide on how to install the files. Thanks for reading!


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Thanks, I'll check it out! I like the FL Studio MIDI Editor UI too. Not going to switch from my own custom theme, but may incorporate a bit of this look into mine.
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