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    My first track using the Deckard's Dream analog synthesizer I got a few weeks ago. Made about 30 sounds on it so far, used 12 of them for this track.

    Leads and pads: Deckard's Dream by Black Corp., 12 sounds
    Counter lead: PerFOURmer mkII by Vermona, 1 sound
    Bass: MatrixBrute by Arturia, 2 sounds
    Sub bass: Microvolt 3900 by Pittsburgh Modular, 1 sound
    Arp: Peak by Novation, 2 sounds
    Drums: Drum Designer plugin by UVI, 2 kits

  2. borisb2

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    Sep 6, 2018
    nice track ..

    you're doing vfx? I can see a lot of references for pyro or water-sims ;)
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  3. OP

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    And no - I don't do VFX personally, but you might be right about the ref material. These are just a bunch of royalty-free clips from a video library artists at my company use.

    Putting some visuals to a track just so you can put it on YouTube is always a challenge. ;)
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