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Hybrid trailer track: Mads Skønberg - Cold Winter


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Mads, what I actually like in your works is that you have potential to compose great melodies. It seems that you just feel the melodic material, but don't know how to develop it yet. It's time to study scores, man, it is really is. Believe it or not, but it is better to spend a week reading and analyzing a score, then to spend months and reinvent the wheel. If you want to do epic stuff, then special attention should be paid to the orchestration. Simple stuff should sound complex and convincing, then your music will cause goosebumps. Start with something simple:

Very clear ideas, orchestration and structure. You don't need to copy that, just take a note about everything that happens there.
Or maybe something from Hans Zimmer and 2SFH, but it'll be hard to find the scores.
Ok, actually my idea is very simple: you have to move on and develop your skills. And the fastest way to do it is to study the scores you like.


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Mads - the track is nice! :) I agree with Grim, it does feel like it's lacking something when it comes to development.

Grim - he writes that track, and you give him Swan Lake????
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