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Hybrid Head Crusher - Vintage Iced Shaver Machine



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For more background -

Have you ever see nan object that you inmediatly thought "I have to sample that!"?
Thats what we did! And went a little beyond the standard instrument kit.

We saw this vintage shaver machine that was used for decoration and it was on top of a large wodden box. Everyone at the studio just played with it like if it was an instrument.. just joking around.
One day our pal Cosme (who writes for trailer companies) decided to sample it. Initially we all thought it was a few hits here and there but it was obvious this machine could be just like any "real" percussion instrument, like a drum set, it has a a variety of frequency ranges for a full range playground.

The low bass sound comes from the large wood box under it + hitting the Shaver at the same time.
It also has the drill mechanism for a prolonged semi sustain sound. And the obvous hits that have different metal like sounds. A large range of indsutrial like sounds in one odd looking package :)

With Cosme being a prolific trailer composer, he soon was making tons of epic/action rythmic loops that played one on top of the other. Basically only playing the bass hits, then recording the mid range and then hi freq "hi hat" like sounds.

This not only provded flexibility to later choose different rythmic options to create your own rythmn, but also helped to later processed them for the hyrbid version of the sounds. Each of these new hybrid loops started with the same basic rythmn like accents but its a completly new loop by processing it with various DSP, editing it, and creating something unique.

This was also the case for the kits and cinematic loops. For the cinematic loops, more consideration to "space" and "feel" was made so its a great choice for underscore.

IF that was not enough for 580+ loops, we made pads and braams/hits from the original hits.

So that small idea of "lets sample that thing" turned into months of editing, doing extensive sound design and mapping it onto our new GUI that provides flexibilty of SFX and sequences.
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