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Damage is absolut classic for Epic Hybrid Percussion, kinda overused if you ask me.
It sounds amazing and punchy though.
I recently used Ethereal Earth for some synthetic / hybrid not-so-epic pads, try it if you own Kontakt 6!


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Keepforest Evolution and Vikings.

Projects A, B, and C

I like some of the older Zero-G libraries (bordering on sample packs) and running them through some effects.

Trailer Xpressions.

Damage is beast.

Any noise through Micron Cascade, B2, UA Fault then SpecOps, Replika XT, and lastly Wormhole. Take that audio, reverse it and load that as an IR in your convo of choice and then play the original. Instant hybrid cinematic! Ha!


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Novo & Forzo are also excellent for this. Endless possibilities if you’re not afraid to dig in and get your feet wet...

If you’re also looking for tools to quickly build hits, like impact braaams and whooshes, UVI Meteor is really great for making your own sounds very quickly ...
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