How's your life affected by Covid-19?


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My live performance job has been canceled 2 times by a different client.
But lucky me, I just bought FP 10.


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My sister and my mother are both worried sick. They are very depressed about it. They both tend to be worriers and negative, my sister more so. Whereas I'm a more positive person and try to buoy them up.

Personally I am being more conscious about what I touch and making sure I wash my hands more frequently than normal. I've already reported someone at work for not washing their hands that I've witnessed (on the odd occasion I use the communal toilet at the same time). And I work in a hospital which is understandably ultra-sensitive about cleanliness in normal day-to-day life there. There are signs up everywhere about the 20 second rule. He basically visits the wards daily where there are lots of vulnerable people (young and old). So had no choice but to report him.

I'm curtailing any social events and postponing things for later in the year when hopefully it will have died down.

So, I'm trying to be positive, yet realistic and practical about it all. It's kind of hit us all rather quickly and still feels like I'm in a disaster movie.


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My local AA group has stopped holding hands when saying The Serenity Prayer, but that's about it for me.

I'm not at all worried for myself. I just assume that everyone, including me, will become exposed and that my immune system will eat it for breakfast, then ask what's for dessert. But I have people close to me who are much older or have health conditions that might render them vulnerable, and I worry about that... Given that it can live on common objects at room temperature for "hours to days" and that the incubation period, during which one is asymptomatic, can last for up to two week, I do not believe that attempts to contain the spread are realistic.


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Nothing devastating, but plans are changing.
  • Was supposed to be doing music prep for a foreign project recording in Berlin this week that has been postponed.
  • Have AFM negotiations with TV networks in NYC next month that I'm betting will be postponed. I'm waiting to see what the WGA does with their negotiations. That should be a good indicator.
  • Have a choir rehearsal and concert we were supposed to attend this weekend that I have a feeling will be postponed or cancelled.
  • Was thinking about swinging by GDC and the ASCAP Expo this year, but they are gone.


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A lot of work at the studio I work at has been postponed. A few European producers can’t fly out. Also a feature I’m going to be writing additional music for has moved it’s shoot to June.

Jimmy Hellfire

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Not really worried for myself - healthy, very athletic, resillient, I feel confident that I'd shake it off. Bit worried about my old folks.

A huge martial arts seminar I wanted to attend might get cancelled. That sucks, but highly understandable. Work-wise, this whole thing actually gives me extra time to finish a bunch of sound design stuff because wheels are turning slower anyway.

Right now I'm kinda more worried about the hysteria than the virus itself, I must say. Little fate in people out there handling exceptional situations prudently and with some sense of solidarity or even just care for each other. Watching the fool parade, can't help but wonder what would happen if we had a real catastrophy on our hands.

Sick of the disgraceful media coverage and befuddling statements and signalling from some politicians.

The panic buying is starting to get annoying. Can't get any kind of disinfectants anywhere for weeks now. People are now trying to assure themselves of having done something by buying all and any canned food they can get instead. Also toilet paper. Wonder what's next.

Right now just trying to stay level-headed and positive, and do all the right things: proper hygiene, staying healthy, not getting coughed at, and for sure staying away from people in case I started to feel weird myself.


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Nothing major on my end just yet, mainly more conscious about how I behave and what I touch. Day to day there's not a lot of disruption in Argentina just yet but it's early days here.

I am not too worried about myself, I have good health for the most part, and I am young. But I am worried about my folks who are within the more at-risk population because of age and previous conditions, so I am doing my best to stay ahead of the curve and delay the inevitable as much as possible. This is going to get us all, but delaying the spread is critical, it is literally going to save lives.

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My kid has asthma and has developed a chest infection, so I'm extremely worried on that front. I work from home but with kids at school, it won't be long at all until the whole thing spreads quickly. Hopefully the (very few) reports about it possibly causing lasting damage in people who recover, are also untrue. I guess we aren't going to be stopping this anytime soon, so wishing everyone lots of sleep (your immune system) and hopefully you get more time at home to make music!


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I’m having to prepare all my teaching materials twice, once for in-class delivery, once for possible move online. University is being cagey about whether we’ll be moving to online delivery, only saying that we should be prepared...


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I stopped giving handshakes, some people don't really get it, which is annoying.
Seems like most people panic or don't take it seriously.
The biggest change for me at the moment is understanding the complexity of these situations and how little countries are prepared. The recent Joe Rogan podcast on that is really interesting.

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Work wise, it isn’t too much of a worry as I compose from home.

However, my wife suffers from anxiety and has been worried sick about it. So to relieve her worry a little, we found ourselves in the supermarket this morning on a pasta and canned food drive. Just enough to last a couple of weeks if we’re all forced into hermit mode.

Felt a bit daft but we have two young kids and a 9 month old baby with allergies. It is what it is.

My worry is that Boris and chums are already looking out of their depth..
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Looks like we'll have to cancel a vacation we booked months ago and were looking forward to. An event that I planned to go to is also being canceled, but I don't care about that one. Since today I feel like I'm getting a regular cold, which is doubly annoying. I'm gonna try to stay indoors, just in case.
I'm worried about my parents, because age-wise they are at risk. Not too worried about myself getting it.

Myself I'd almost want to get it over with rather sooner than later if most of us are gonna get it eventually anyway. My immune system is weaker than average according to my last blood test, but I'm still fairly confident I'd survive.

Jobwise it won't have much effect on me, unless my clients get sick themselves (or I get really sick). I work freelance from home and the number of people involved in the projects is fairly small.