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How Would You Map This Controller For Orchestral Libraries?


I recently purchased the Nektar Panorama P6 and I'm about to start mapping the faders, encoder knobs and buttons to the left of the display window for different sound libraries and saving them as presets. The main and first preset I want to save is for Spitfire Audio libraries. I own several of their libraries but I'm looking to focus on the core Spitfire libraries for strings, winds & brass. They've told me I should be good to setup one preset for each as they keep their mappings pretty consistent from one library to the next.

Having 8 faders, 8 encoder knobs and 8 buttons that are assignable, I'm curious to how you would assign each of these and what are the articulations you would say should be "on the ready"? I haven't given it much thought yet (been busy), but 3 faders will be assigned to Mic positions for sure. Then there's expression, dynamics, etc. I also have an assignable foot expression pedal for whatever.

Just curious what others have to say. Thanks!

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Individual presets for each library company is a good idea. Spitfire, OT, Sample modeling, etc.

I have assigned these following controls to my controllers.
1. Different mics cc's
2. Articulation switching cc32
3. Attack/release or tightness/release in Spitfire
4. Expression
5. Vibrato
6. Piano pedal CCs for buttons


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you can use the pads for keyswitches, I would use faders for microphones/cc11/cc7. knobs I usually use for things like pan, or other controls.


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Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to work on setting up my controller. I've been posting some relative information I've been coming across that may help someone else as well. I think the end result will be a combination of all of these techniques to obtain a more natural sound and easier workflow but mapping the controller with different presets will be first.
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