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How would you create this kind of Pad sound?


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I have found a pad sound that I like, and would like some experts (or aspiring experts) to suggest what VST instruments and effects could reproduce such a sound.

So besides the obvious things that it's a piano VST or keyboard voicing, with a strings pad underneath,
exactly how would I produce such a pad sound, and what effects are applied to it?

Could I do it with Xpand2? (The poor man's Omnisphere! 🤣)

I recently bought the full version of Kontakt which came with tons of extras.
Would there be anything in there that could help?

I already have a nice piano VST - the Embertone Walker Grand.

There is plenty of reverb on the piano, but I can't tell what type of reverb.
And there are other effects too.
Is it loaded with saturation?

I think I can hear detune modulation of the strings at times that makes it sound supernatural.

If anyone can suggest suitable VSTs and effect plugins, (without suggesting Omnisphere 😜) I would be grateful.
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