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How to Write an Effective Countermelody! (Live Lesson Excerpt)


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Hey friends! In today's video, my good friend and student Shaheen allowed me to upload an excerpt of one of our composition/production lessons onto the channel! You'll see specifically how my approach to writing a countermelody works against a lead line, and hopefully it gives you some ideas for your own writing. Please enjoy!

0:00 The function of a countermelody
0:49 Smooth voice leading
3:57 How to bridge chord tones
6:55 Using singing to think about line writing
10:36 Using an enclosure
13:05 Adjusting melody to fit countermelody
15:27 Recap



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Eavesdropping on a remote tutoring session was very informative. I learned a lot about how remote sessions can be very effective and I also picked up worthwhile composition techniques.
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