How to set up LASS 2.5 in VE pro?


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I am building a new template in VE pro 6 and starting from scratch. I’m beginning with LASS. Does anyone have any tips for how they have their LASS library set up in VE Pro?

I am currently using key switches for short strings using the patches that come built in. I have one midi track for each section. Eg Vln I short str, Vln II Short str. Etc

For the sustained strings I have the legato (non-arc-able) AA patches (Also the default patches that come with it) with one track per section also.

This means that I have to set each Kontakt instrument within LASS to multi for this to work.

Also, what is the general consensus re: reverbs and panning within VE Pro? Does anyone recommend having reverbs and panning set there or within their DAW? I have always had my reverb in my DAW but I would be interested to know what people recommend.

I would appreciate any recommendations!


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I'm not an expert and this might not help, but I used the ARC template and setup each section with all of the articulations available and then use expression maps in Cubase. It works perfectly. I have them panned in Cubase, but I'm not sure it matters. I also use reverbs in Cubase. I basically don't want to mess around on my VEP slave machine.
If you don’t mind switching to an all in template ( longs & shorts together) then Audiobro have put up 2x video for that which uses the template patches / multi in one of the folders in LASS. I use that and am very content with it

Another diy approach is given by an entertaining video done by Guy Roland who shows you his approach and option to find your own setup. But that is a longer route.

The first option I have done in 10 min or so.

For working on one machine I use reverb in my daw, since I don’t want to switch app’s and screens so much if I want to adjust things.
If you use more machines / screens and use a fairly fixed setup for your reverbs then Vepro will do it for you. Although I don’t know if that matters much but Vepro is (as you will know) very efficient on CPU resources so that may help some as well.


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Thank you very much. This is all very helpful. I will try to find those videos for the template patches and multis and that Guy Roland.

The LASS for dummies from Kmuzzey looks like it will be very helpful!
much appreciated, I will report back, probably with more questions;)