How to re: Trailer Music hit sounds, but not the big ones...

Paul Morgan

Chrome Audio
Happy New Year everybody. Right then, I’ve got a question that could likely be filed under ‘quite obvious’, but it’s slowed down my process. It’s about hits in trailer music, but wait, not the big ones that are normally a puzzle, I’m good with those big spectrum filling impacts et al. No, what puzzles me are the smaller percussive hits normally more apparent in sound design trailers between the larger accents. Sometimes they sound simply like electronic kicks layered with a slightly distorted snare and sometimes they sound like just a regular hit (such as from my Gravity, Decimator Drums, Damage libraries) with just a little less velocity etc, or a big sub with a light snare over it. I’ve tried a good few methods but can’t seem to get the sounds like I hear on trailer music collections such as I hear on Burn Your Destructor (Glory, Oath & Blood), specifically on tracks such as Generdyn’s ‘Take Down’ et al or some examples from Revolt Production Music’s ‘Drumania 2’ album. Worth giving these a listen for examples. So, is there a technique you all regularly go to, or are there some libraries out there that I’ve missed or what have you to get these smaller, percussive ‘hits’ (not the big accent impacts / hits). Thanks for reading, although I know it’s easier just to go with my own techniques I’d like very much to know how the established composers do it.